Working relationship



MARSHALL AGENCY has continually proven to be an industry leader in the security field in the following ways: • Maintaining a close working relationship with various law enforcement agencies to provide law enforcement resources to our clients. • Marshall Agency uses a very diligent and thorough officer selection process to ensure our clients receive officers of the highest quality & work ethic




• CPR – training, Marshall Agency provides CPR training to its officers which provides an added layer of emergency response. • Quarterly Training - Marshall Agency provides continuous quarterly training of current crime trends, crime prevention techniques to its officers to ensure the officer maintains a high quality of service

Quarterly training



• Marshall Agency also provides regular quarterly training on the latest crime trends such as Human Trafficking and crime prevention techniques to our various clients and community. Training in crime prevention and security techniques for your staff may lower your insurance premium.




• GPS – tracking on all officers are provided to our clients to maximize transparency and improve community engagement, while enhancing officer safety. • Full marked patrol vehicles as a bonus for your establishment to deter criminal activity. • Plain clothes business suit attire officers for discrete personnel protection and investigations.